About Us

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A Brief History of Studio Captivate

A few months before the dawn of in-home Virtual Reality, Randall Grice wasn’t expecting much. However, one of his coworkers brought in a Gear VR for everyone to try one day. That is where the hype began. Randall went home that day and immediately ordered an HTC Vive, excited at the prospect of moving around in a virtual world. However, when the gear arrived, the hype was quickly replaced with wonder. The wonder was so strong that it inspired him to start developing a game. Having plenty of experience in software but not much in video game creation, he quickly realized that he must assemble a team. A team that would be able to change the landscape for this tiny tiny group of virtual reality enthusiasts.

The Team

Randall Grice
Lead Developer

Rob Lisiecki
Lead Developer

Genel Jumalon
Lead Artist

Sean Anderson
Public Relations Director

Ashley Hovatter
Social Media Coordinator

Lauren Anderson
Web Administrator

What We Are

Studio Captivate is an independent virtual reality game developer composed of long time gamers with a ton of passion. Our goal is to provide entertaining and engaging games in the vastly unexplored realms of VR, and boldly make games people will have a blast playing!